Bid for a Room Upgrade

Upgrade your cruise experience with just ONE bid!

P&O Upgrade Me is a cruise room upgrade program that gives you the opportunity to bid for a room upgrade, prior to departure, at a price you choose.

How Does P&O Upgrade Me Work?

It’s simple!

  1. Check whether your P&O cruise booking is eligible for bidding on an upgrade by clicking ‘Check Your Eligibility’ button below
  2. Enter your ‘Last Name’ and ‘Booking Number’ and click ‘Check Eligibility’
  3. If Eligible, browse through the upgrade options available to you and place your bid(s) to upgrade your room on your upcoming cruise. Making a bid on multiple rooms will increase your chances of being upgraded, but you’ll only pay for ONE upgrade.
  4. If your bid is accepted, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know you have been approved and the upgrade cost will be deducted from the credit or debit card you initially provided to secure your bid.
  5. Please note, your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per room for the length of your cruise. 3rd and 4th guests in a room are upgraded without additional cost.

If you have any questions, please talk to your travel agent, or call us on 13 24 94.

Note: Terms and Conditions apply.

Bidding Eligibility

To be eligible to submit a bid you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Your booking must be paid in full.
  • Your voyage must be at least five days within final payment.


Final payment due before sailing Bidding opens before sailing

75 days prior

70 days prior


Frequently Asked Questions





Terms and Conditions

These Terms govern the Carnival plc trading as P&O Cruises Australia (‘P&O Cruises’ or ‘P&O’) room bidding upgrade program (the ‘Program’). The Program provides select booked guests with an opportunity to submit a bid to P&O to upgrade from their originally purchased room category to a higher room category for select P&O cruises. The Program is not open to the general public and is only open to guests that P&O has selected, at its discretion, to participate. Guests are not required to participate and participation does not guarantee a Program upgrade.

By submitting a Bid, Guests agree they have read and agree to be legally bound by these Terms.

Eligibility: The Program is only available to select P&O guests (‘Eligible Program Guest’ or ‘Guest’), which guests will be determined by P&O in its sole discretion. Invitation and eligibility as a Guest may not be transferred or shared. Guests must be 18 years of age or older; have a current Eligible Cruise with P&O; and provided final payment on the Eligible Cruise. Individuals deemed Eligible Program Guests for one cruise does not guarantee that such guests will also be Eligible Program Guests for future P&O cruises.

Guests can confirm their eligibility by visiting the Program landing page website (the “Site”) via links on or via Cruise Control. Some Guests may also receive a Program email invitation from P&O Cruises. If the Program does not show as available on the Site or if the guest is not able to submit a Bid, then the guest is not eligible for the Program.

Eligible Cruises: P&O will select the cruises, dates, and room categories that will be available for the Program, all in its sole discretion (each an ‘Eligible Cruise’, ‘Cruise’). Not all cruises, room categories or bookings will be selected for participation, regardless of availability. P&O cannot guarantee a specific room within the upgraded category and the room position will depend on space availability and are at the sole discretion of P&O.

Bids for certain room categories may (but will not always) result in higher amenities for the upgraded room.

Guests are required to provide their booking number and last name to access the Site. Once on the Site, the Guest will see the potential room categories that may be available to bid on for an upgrade. The room categories listed are not a guarantee that such category will actually be available for an upgrade given that such category of rooms may be fully booked by the time the bidding is complete. P&O makes no representation that any upgrade is available for any Cruise or room category, regardless of whether such Cruise or category is listed on the Site. Additionally, each Guest’s list of potential category upgrades is unique to the Cruise and Guest and such list are the only upgrades available to that Guest.

Bidding: If a Guest would like to bid on an upgrade to a room category listed, they must enter the full dollar amount that they, if successful, agree to pay, per person, for the room category upgrade (a ‘Bid’). The Guest will make their Bid(s) in the same currency as they paid to book their Cruise. The amount of the Bid consists of the total (per person) amount that the Guest is willing to pay for the opportunity to upgrade from the original booked room category to a higher room category and is separate and in addition to the amount paid for the original booking. With the exception of solo guests, bids are per person, based on double occupancy - so the bid, if accepted, will be charged to the first two guests in the room. For example, for a Room with three guests, the Bid will be charged to the first two guests (200% of the Bid amount). Single occupancy rooms will pay two times the amount of the bid (200% of the Bid amount). Bids must be in whole dollars and change or cents will not be accepted. In order to secure a Bid, the Guest must provide a valid credit card or debit card number; the credit card or debit card will not be charged at this point. If Guest's Bid is accepted, the room category booked will be revised to the upgraded room category and the guest’s credit or debit card will automatically be charged.

Limit: Only one Guest per room can submit a Bid for a specific room. However, the Guest can make a Bid on as many listed upgrade categories as they wish, and may be able to change or alter their Bids before the Bidding Period ends (as defined below) so long as the Bid has not been accepted.

Bidding Period and Availability: For each Eligible Cruise, upgrade Bidding will be available for Guests starting five (5) days after the Cruise’s final payment date and ending three (3) days before the Cruise’s departure date (the “Bidding Period”). P&O reserves the right to cancel, amend, suspend or stop the Program at any time and makes no guarantees that the Program will be available for a selected Cruise.

Bid Acceptance Process: Throughout and after the conclusion of the Bidding Period, P&O will compile all then-existing Bids for the various room categories for the Cruise and may accept a Bid from a Guest for each available upgrade room (the ‘Successful Bidder’), taking into consideration multiple factors and items. P&O will review Bids based on highest positive revenue impact, but reserves the right to consider and review other and different factors. All Bids will be converted to AUD at the time they are considered. All determinations as to which Bid (if any) is accepted, who the Successful Bidder is (if any), and what is considered in accepting a Bid shall all be determined by P&O in its sole and absolute discretion. Successful Bidders are subject to verification. The highest Bid may not be accepted and the Guest that places the highest Bid for a room category is not guaranteed to be the Successful Bidder. P&O may accept a Bid any time before the Cruise’s departure date.

Notification of Successful Bid: P&O will process upgrades within 2 business days after Bid acceptance (but at least 1 day before Cruise’s departure or on the same day as the Cruise’s departure if the Bid is accepted the day of Cruise departure). Within two (2) business days after P&O accepts a Bid, P&O will notify the Successful Bidder of their upgrade via a new booking confirmation email (an ‘Upgrade Booking Confirmation’) with their new room, the Guest's credit or debit card will automatically be charged.

Release of original booked Room: Upon P&O accepting the Bid and sending the Upgrade Booking Confirmation, P&O will secure the upgraded room for the guest. The Guest’s original booked room will be released and become available for booking by any person. If the Guest fails to pay for the upgraded room, P&O does not guarantee it will return the Guest to their original booked room. The Guest will however be returned to their original booked room category.

If a Guest’s Bid is not accepted, the Guest will travel in the category they originally purchased.


The Guest authorises P&O to deduct the upgrade cost (Bid amount multiplied by two) from the Guest’s credit or debit card, which was provided by the Guest at the time of submitting the Bid. It is the Guest’s responsibility to ensure they have sufficient funds available on their credit or debit card to cover the payment should their Bid be accepted by P&O.
A credit card surcharge of 1.1% for Visa and Mastercard and 2.75% for AMEX will be applied to all payments made by credit card. No surcharges apply to debit cards.

If a Guest's credit or debit card does not go through, is declined, or cannot otherwise be charged, P&O may (but is not required to) reach out to the Guest for an alternate method of payment or may disqualify the Successful Bidder and return the Guest to their original room category, all in its sole discretion. Unless required by law or permitted under the Booking and Travel Conditions, no changes, refunds, or cancellations will be permitted after payment is made. P&O cannot guarantee a specific room number within the upgraded category and the room position will depend on space availability and are at the sole discretion of P&O.

Cruise Cancellation: Once a Guest’s Bid is accepted and payment processed for the upgrade, if the Guest subsequently cancels the booking, the upgrade cost (i.e. Bid amount multiplied by two) is subject to the applicable cancellation fees at the time of cancellation.

If the Cruise is cancelled by P&O for any reason, the upgrade shall be considered part of the cruise fare and shall be refunded or credited or otherwise dealt with in the same manner as the rest of the cruise fare.

Other Program Details: There is no guarantee a Bid will be accepted and therefore, there is no guarantee of a room upgrade in connection with the Program.
If a Successful Bidder is traveling with others, P&O cannot guarantee that the upgraded room will be close together. P&O reserves the right to cancel the Program and any upgrade, before or after its acceptance, in the event of any error on P&O’s bid processing acceptances or in the case an offered upgraded room is or becomes unavailable for any reason. The terms and conditions of your original cruise booking will remain in effect following the acceptance of a Bid or if a Bid is not accepted; this includes terms and conditions pertaining to cancellation, refunds, changes, and the Booking and Travel Conditions.

If the Guest has booked/paid for multiple rooms on a Cruise, an accepted Bid will only apply to a single room, not all rooms booked. If the Guest booked their original cruise booking in connection with a P&O promotion or offer that had varying offers, parts or giveaways that were based on room category, such offers, parts or giveaway pieces that the Guest will receive will be determined by the original room category and not any upgraded category.

P&O reserves the right to modify and change these Terms in its sole discretion at any time without prior notice. These Terms apply in conjunction with the P&O Cruises Australia Booking and Travel Conditions at P&O reserves the right to cancel, change, or revoke the Program at any time as well as correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions.