Recognising Your Crew

We're people people and everyone who works with us is a people person too. That means whatever you need onboard, no matter how small, a P&O Cruises Crew member will be close by to help you out. All that's needed now is to meet the crew!


If you're looking for the person in charge - the Captain is it.  He (or she) is first in command of the ship and your official host for the cruise. Because taking care of a cruise is such a big job the Captain is assisted by the ship's Officers and crew. To make everyone's job easier our Officers and crew are organised into departments. You can tell who's who by checking the colour of the epaulette they are wearing on their shoulder

Deck Department

The Deck Department is all about safety and security. Under the watchful eye of the Staff Captain, the Officers are responsible for manning the bridge - land ahoy! Our Officers have a lot of experience and are seasoned professionals. The safety of our passengers is our number one priority so we make sure our Officers have well and truly earned their black and gold epaulettes. The Deck Department is also responsible for keeping the ship, shipshape. They paint the vessel and make sure the decks and pools are clean for you!

Engine Department

The Engine Department gets you where you need to go! They take control of the ships engine and propulsion system, climate control and power generation. The Chief Technical Officer is assisted by his right hand man the Staff Engineer Officer and the Staff Electro-Technical Officer. But that's not all; the Staff Electro-Technical Officer is in charge of keeping tabs on the ship. They make sure that the ship's satellite; electrical distribution and radio communications are working perfectly. You can spot the Engine Department onboard by their burgundy and gold epaulette.

Hotel Department

The Hotel Department keeps you comfortable. They are the ones behind your personalized room welcome greeting and the friendly faces that serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But it's a bigger job than that, The Hotel Department works behind the scenes to handle the hotel responsibilities for the entire ship - from cabin, public room and dining room services to providing all food and supplies for passengers and crew. The Hotel Director is in charge, along with the Food & Beverage Director and Administration and Revenue Director. If you want to spot one of our happy hospitable crew, look for the white and gold epaulettes. This department also includes a number of officers who don't wear an epaulette, such as the Maître d'hôtel, who maintains the excellent standards of service in all dining areas, and the Executive Chef, who supervises all cuisine creation on board.

Medical Department

Our Medical Department is onboard to make sure our passengers stay happy and healthy while cruising. Headed by the Senior Doctor, our team of medical staff are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week so we can give medical care whenever it's needed. Our team of highly qualified doctors and nurses may be identified by their red and gold epaulettes. 

Entertainment Department

Lights, camera, action! The Entertainment Department is onboard to keep you entertained. The Cruise Director is in charge and together with cruise staff they make sure all the different activities run smoothly.  From putting on evening stage shows to leading daytime and evening activities, the Entertainment department does it all. Their uniforms change to fit the occasion - but you'll always be able to tell who they are by the gold name badge pinned to their uniform.

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