Healthy Cruising with P&O

At P&O Cruises the health, safety and well-being of our valued guests, the communities we visit and our loyal crew, is a top priority. Our health and safety practices have always been of the highest standard. As our understanding of COVID-19 is still evolving, we are working closely with some of the best minds in medical science, public health and infectious disease control to understand the challenges posed by the virus and how to best mitigate its spread.

When we resume cruising, it will be with enhanced health measures. developed in conjunction with government health authorities, public health experts, local ports and the Cruise Lines International Association. In addition, our intention is to restart operations with vaccination - only cruises for guests and crew. The policy will be developed once the pathway for a return to cruising is clearer, but the broad intent is to require proof of vaccination for those in the population eligible to be vaccinated at the time. As Australia and the world re-opens social venues, we will continue to learn from their example and adjust these health and safety practices accordingly.

Some of the new safety measures we’re considering are below.

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*Eligible guests are all guests that are eligible to have a vaccination under current Australian health guidelines

Before we leave

Before We Leave

Our plan is to restart operations with cruises for fully vaccinated guests and crew. Before leaving guests will be required to complete a pre-embarkation health screening in accordance with prevailing health best practices. This may include touch free temperature checks where necessary. Those identified at risk will be asked to undergo an additional health evaluation by medical staff. Ships & terminals will be thoroughly sanitised between cruises. Boarding will be staggered, managed by adjusting the flow, timing, and size of groups to ensure responsible social distancing. Our planned vaccination-only policy aligns with Australian governments public statements linking society returning to normal once sufficient numbers of eligible Australians have been fully vaccinated. Detailed information on the proposed policy will be provided in the coming months. For more information click here.

While We're Cruising

Onboard Health Information

Onboard Health Information

Health information will be readily available on board. We’ll give you regular reminders about ways to stay healthy while you’re onboard and ashore.

Onboard Health Information

Onboard Healthcare

P&O will offer health checks as appropriate during the cruise for guests & crew. Our crew will be trained in all COVID-19 health protocols and we will have a team of medical staff including highly qualified doctors onboard. Medical centres will have both outpatient and inpatient facilities including critical care capabilities. We will endeavour to provide the latest COVID-19 testing capabilities, medication that improves COVID-19 clinical outcomes, and dedicated onboard quarantine rooms should they be needed.

Onboard Health Information

Cleaning & Sanitisation

At P&O, we’ve always strived to offer a clean and sanitised onboard environment. We will routinely use a safe disinfectant that’s clinically proven to quickly kill novel coronaviruses. Staterooms and high traffic public areas will be frequently sanitised. Additional handwashing facilities and hand sanitisation stations will be provided for your convenience.

Onboard Health Information

Physical Distancing

Responsible physical distancing will be managed by adjusting the flow, timing and size of groups. Masks will be required for all guests and crew when physical distancing is not able to be maintained.

Onboard Health Information

Onboard Ventilation

Enhanced fresh air distribution into public spaces and staterooms and fresh air supply and HEPA exhaust filtration may be used in key areas such as onboard medical centres and isolation rooms.

Onboard Health Information

Port & Shore Visits

P&O will work in conjunction with government health authorities and public health experts at all our ports and shore destinations to ensure alignment on enhanced health measures. Disease activity and health regulations are regularly monitored in our ports and shore locations so we can adjust our cruise itineraries as necessary.

Onboard Health Information


When disembarking, responsible social distancing will be managed by adjusting the flow, timing, and size of groups. Hand sanitiser and health information will be available for all guests.

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We can’t wait to start cruising again and welcome all our valued, passionate guests onboard! Until then, stay safe and keep an eye out for more updates from P&O.

As of 27 August 2021, the above protocols and policies are still in development. We will keep you updated on out enhanced health and safety measures as they develop.