P&O Cruises Australia shares Christmas joy with communities in the South Pacific

Friday, December 23, 2022

P&O Cruises Australia is delighted to resume its pre-pandemic tradition of delivering Christmas presents to children in Vanuatu, with over 300 Christmas gifts delivered during Pacific Adventure’s scheduled calls to Mystery Island, Port Vila and Luganville this week during its 10-day Christmas Cruise from Sydney.

 Barry Nagia, Chairman Mystery Island Tourism Holdings said this is a huge event in the life of the children of the Aneityum.

“I still fondly remember when I was a child and the cruise ship brought presents for all of us children. We put the word out to neighbouring villages of Port Patrick and Umej to bring the young children to the island to meet Santa's helpers,” he said.

In accepting the gifts from P&O of behalf of the communities, Chief Fred Lonas Teouma Bridge thanked P&O for its generosity, acknowledging the difficulties experienced in the region this year.

“This is a disaster zone. Flooding from torrential rains ruined our homes and crops, and it will take three to four months to recover. We cannot thank P&O enough for recognising our struggle and coming to give gifts to our children,” he said.

George Busi, Chairman of the Community of Airport End also thanked P&O, saying, “Crops and homes were washed away in the flooding this year, so we are thankful for your big hearts and for putting big smiles on our children’s faces.”

Marguerite Fitzgerald, President of Carnival Australia and P&O Cruises Australia added that the South Pacific Christmas Cruise has always been a highlight on the cruise line’s calendar but never more so than in 2022.

“We are excited to be bringing our guests back to the region so they can experience the beautiful Island destinations at this special time of year. More importantly, we are humbled to be supporting communities in the South Pacific which have been so warmly welcoming P&O for 90 years.”



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