Powerful Case Made for Cruise to Return as P&O Cruises Australia Broadcasts ‘Fly the Flag for P&O Live’ Direct from Pacific Adventure

Monday, September 27, 2021

Reflecting pent up guest demand for a return to cruising, P&O Cruises Australia is ramping up its ‘Fly the Flag for P&O’ campaign by streaming a first-of-its-kind interactive event live direct from Pacific Adventure to lounge rooms around the country.

Packaged in a fast-paced chat show format, the evening event on October 14 will be a virtual take on the home-grown cruise line’s popular entertainment program with family-friendly comedy, music, interviews, celebrities as well as crew and guest appearances.

P&O Celebrity chef Luke Mangan, top comedian and radio presenter Kat Davidson and award-winning wine maker Glandore Estate’s Duane Roy will appear among big names from the entertainment, travel, and hospitality world.

President of P&O Cruises Australia Sture Myrmell said the event will enable loyal cruise guests to again experience the joy that is part and parcel of the onboard entertainment on offer during a holiday at sea.

“The ‘Fly the Flag for P&O’ event coming in live from Pacific Adventure will be a joyful experience for the participants and for everyone tuning in at homes across Australia, but there is also an underlying serious message,” Mr Myrmell said.

“It will also serve as a reminder of the pent up demand among our guests for the return of cruising and the need for federal and state governments to engage and agree on a restart plan to enable the return of our beautiful ships.

“Our suppliers, whose businesses depend on cruising and have been hit hard in the pause in operations, will also share centre stage during the live event.”

The ‘Fly the Flag for P&O’ campaign is enabling guests to stand up for their favourite cruise line and express their hopes for a bright future holidaying at sea. Thousands of guests have made ‘fly the flag’ part of their social media identities.

The unique show will be hosted by P&O’s popular entertaining duo, Julie and Leeron from onboard the 109,000 tonne Pacific Adventure while she’s docked off the coast of Trieste.

‘Fly the Flag for P&O Live’ commences at 7.00pm (AEDT) on Thursday October 14, 2021. For more information visit facebook.com/pocruises.