P&O Cruises Extends its Temporary Pause in Operations in Australia and New Zealand

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

P&O Cruises today announced it was extending its voluntary pause in operations across Australia and New Zealand as the cruise line plays its part in supporting the global effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The details around the temporary pause are different for guests in Australia and New Zealand to reflect the different approaches from each government in managing the resumption of international cruising.

President Sture Myrmell said our approach was about making it as simple as possible for guests in both Australia and New Zealand to have confidence in booking future cruises.

“We’re living in a period of rapid change with governments having to make decisions each day that are dramatically changing the way businesses and broader communities are going about their everyday lives,” Mr Myrmell said.

“We took this step today out of respect for our guests and to give them some certainty at a time when so much is shifting around them.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our guests to make their future cruise plans by updating our approach to reflect what is happening at the moment.”

Mr Myrmell also thanked our passionate guests for their encouraging emails and calls of support because it showed we would be back stronger than ever at the right time.

“We are living through an unprecedented period in world history, which is making it challenging for all of us in many different ways,” he said. “However, we will come through this stronger than ever alongside you, our valued guests.”

The changes in operations are:


In Australia, P&O Cruises will resume its operations on 15 May 2020 – an extra 30 days to what had previously been announced.

While the Government has yet to make an announcement, P&O Cruises has taken the decision to extend the temporary pause in light of the uncertain operating environment.

It will affect the following cruises:

  • Pacific Dawn: W021, W022, W023, W024, and W025
  • Pacific Explorer: X016, X017, X018, X019, and X020

New Zealand

It will affect the following cruises:

  • Pacific Aria: A025, A026, A027, A028, A029, A030, A031, A032, A033, A034, and A035

Other cruises

Two main event cruises – State of Origin and Taste of Tasmania (formerly Dark Mofo) – will also be cancelled.

Taste of Tasmania – the Tasmanian Government has introduced its own border restrictions affecting cruising, preventing the cruise from proceeding as planned.

State of Origin cruise – while the National Rugby League has made no announcement in regards to 2020 State of Origin, it has suspended its season until further notice.

While both cruises fall outside of the period for the temporary pause on operations, the decisions are consistent with our desire to provide certainty for guests where we can at this point.

Compensation for cancelled cruises from 12 April 2020

P&O will make direct contact with guests whose cruises have been affected to let them know of this development and to apologise for the disruption.

For guests who have paid in full for future voyages cancelled during this extended pause period, P&O is offering two options. A full refund, or a future cruise credit equal to 200% of the cost of their original cruise.

P&O will protect travel agent commissions on bookings for cancelled cruises that were paid in full and for the total amount of the future cruise credits.