Passengers Thanked as Life Changing P&O Pacific Partnership Surpasses First Million Dollars in Funding

Friday, May 20, 2016

As strong evidence of life changing commitment to island communities, the P&O Pacific Partnership has surpassed its first one million dollars in total funding.

Working with Save the Children Australia, the Partnership has generated $1.1 million since the program started in 2012.

The funds are the combination of passenger contributions, which have been used to build new kindergartens and health aid posts, and special donations following the Cyclone Pam disaster in Vanuatu last year.

“Achieving the first one million dollars in P&O Pacific Partnership funding is a real milestone and a great opportunity for us to thank our many guests who are a very big part of this success story,” P&O Cruises President Sture Myrmell said.

“The voluntary one dollar contributions made via passengers’ onboard accounts are relatively modest but when these contributions are combined they become a powerful force to make a big difference where it matters most.”

More than $800,000 in dollar contributions have been raised since the P&O Pacific Partnership began, while Carnival Australia sources committed a combined $345,000 to relief efforts following Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu (which also includes $50,000 for the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan).

Thanks to the Partnership, two kindergartens have been built on Pentecost Island and Santo East in Vanuatu. Community health posts have been constructed on Pentecost Island and on Aneityum. The Partnership also recently contributed $50,000 to relief efforts in Fiji following the destruction of Cyclone Winston.

Funds provided in the wake of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu allowed for vital relief measures that included restocking and repairing health aid posts, setting up and operating temporary learning spaces following widespread damage to schools and purchasing and shipping emergency supplies such as tents, tarpaulins, water and food.

“Breaking through the million dollar mark gives the P&O Pacific Partnership scope to branch out and consider innovative projects in other parts of the South Pacific,” Mr Myrmell said. “It is an exciting achievement that encourages us to do more in partnership with island communities.”