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Broaden your horizons with an engrossing 13 to 18-night P&O cruise. With more destinations to visit and more days at sea, P&O Voyages are an opportunity to see more, to learn the things you wanted to learn and to indulge yourself to the fullest. Whether you’re taking in the wonders of Indonesia, taking a class or finally just taking some time for yourself, it’s a holiday experience that takes you to somewhere rich and captivating, because sometimes you have to go down deep to get to the good stuff.

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Adventure to exotic destinations in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific and take part in enthralling shore tours like white-water rafting in Bali and encountering the dragons of Komodo Island.

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Try something different with new onboard activities like our Masquerade Ball and the Captain’s Cocktail Reception, exclusive to P&O Voyages.

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