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Loved all the action on the Travel Guides P&O episode in the South Pacific?

There's so much to do onboard and ashore so here's a taster of the Travel Guides favourites for you!

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Food, glorious food

What sets us apart from other cruise lines? Our commitment to innovative, fresh and fantastic food – otherwise known as P&O’s Food Revolution. With up to 15 different dining experiences to choose from there’s something for everyone onboard.

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An adventure park at sea

P&O Edge is not for the faint hearted. If you’re up for some extra adventure, join the adrenalin junkies at P&O Edge Adventure Park. It’s Australia’s largest adventure park at sea, and take it from us, it’s awesome!

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Ain't no party like a P&O party

We admit, we've been known to throw a memorable party or two over the years, we're now taking partying to a whole new level with our Endless Summer, Bianco - White, Gatsby and Back to School themed parties.

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Get stuck on a deserted island

Nobody visits more Pacific Islands destinations than P&O Cruises. We go so often, we’re practically locals. We’ll take you through endless blue seas to coral surrounded archipelagos where the fish are plentiful and the vibes are tropical. You’ll find yourself in an absolute paradise every time you step off the ship. Whether you want to sit under swaying palm trees, walk down stretching white sand beaches, soak up the culture or take it all in from the top deck - it’s all good. P&O Island cruises are the perfect getaway, short enough for first time cruisers testing their sea legs but long enough to truly escape life back home.

Retreat to Isle of Pines

Known as "Jewel of the Pacific" for it's breathtaking beauty. Be surrounded by a teeming reef for snorkelling and maybe even swim with sea turtles!

Do 'you' in Lifou

Say Bonjour to the French Loyalty Islands. Lifou, the largest island, beacons with rich culture and brilliant scenery. It’s a world away.

It's a mystery

Uninhibited with no roads and no shops you’ll fall in love with the pristine sands and stunning reefs of Mystery Island.

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