What types of milk are available onboard?

All ships carry both fresh full cream and low fat milk, for cruises between 8-10 days. Fresh milk is subject to availability due to limited shelf life and Ultra High Temperature [UHT] milk may be served in it's place.

All ships also carry a variety of non-dairy milk products, available in The Pantry, Waterfront, and in the cafes onboard.

Milk products available onboard are:

  • fresh full cream milk
  • fresh low-fat milk
  • UHT full cream milk
  • UHT low-fat milk
  • UHT soy milk
  • UHT rice milk
  • UHT lactose-free milk (full cream)
  • UHT almond milk
  • UHT butter milk
  • UHT oat milk
  • tinned sweetened condensed milk.