What is included in The Lot! beverage package?

Fancy the best cocktails at the best prices? Sit back, relax, and treat yourself to the ultimate vacation vibes with The Lot! Drinks Package.

Glasses of Pepsi Max*, Pepsi Regular*, Solo Lemon*, Sunkist*, Schweppes Lemonade*, tonic water, soda water and ginger ale, ginger beer, 600ml bottled water, juice blends, mocktails, espresso coffee drinks, hot chocolate, T2 beverages, milk by the glass, energy drinks, beer, wine, spirits and cocktails up to and including the value of AU$19. You can have up to 15 alcohol beverages per 24-hour period, while non-alcohol beverages have no daily limit.

Pre-purchase The Lot! Beverage Package before cruising for AUD$115 per person per day.

We kindly ask that guests present their cruise card with the sticker or logo on it to obtain the beverage.​ The Lot! Beverage Package is only valid for guests with the sticker or logo on their cruise card, and will​ account for one beverage up to and including AUD$19 per order.

This package does not include:

  • items exceeding $19 AUD
  • in room bottled water
  • orders made through room service
  • New Zealand Natural ice cream products or cover charge.

Beverage Package General Terms and Conditions

  • Drinks packages are purchased for the entire duration of the cruise.
  • They are available to purchase from 90 days up until 4 days prior to the cruise departure date.
  • Full payment by credit or debit card is required at the time of purchase.
  • Cancellation for a full refund is only permitted up until 4 days prior to the cruise departure date.
  • The package is non-refundable if cancelled 3 days before the sailing date.
  • Packages are not transferable.
  • Products included in each package will be served to the eligible guest only, 1 drink per order.
  • *All prices, drink products, availability and conditions are subject to change or withdrawal.
  • Drink packages can only be purchased pre cruise, they can not be purchased once onboard.
  • Soft drinks are served by the glass.

All drinks packages are:
  • per person
  • cannot be shared
  • cannot be used by other guests
  • applied to the individual's onboard account and personalised cruise card.

The Lot! Beverage Package Terms and Conditions

  • This package is only available on cruises 7 nights or more, excluding Melbourne Cup and State of Origin Cruises.
  • Alcoholic beverages are limited to 15 beverages per 24-hour period (6am to 6am). Alcoholic beverages​ requested above the limit are charged at regular menu prices.
  • Non-alcoholic​ beverages have no daily limit.
  • Items exceeding AU$19 are not included and full charges will apply to these items.
  • Drinks can only be purchased 1 at a time by the guest who has purchased the package.
  • If multiple drinks are purchased at 1 time, the most expensive drinks that is $18 or under will count towards the drinks package and the other drinks will be charged to the guest's onboard account.
  • The Lot! Beverage Package does not include in-room bottled water or apply to room service, food, merchandise items, events, special promotions, sponsorships, charitable partnerships or tastings, beverage and merchandise packaged items, New Zealand Natural ice cream products or cover charges.
  • Service is subject to P&O Cruises' Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy, which includes an ability to restrict service.
  • Service and availability is limited to each venue's menu offering and operating hours.