My room number has changed. Have I received an upgrade?

You have most likely received a complimentary upgrade. When you receive an upgrade, this means you have been moved into a higher graded room than the room you originally booked. This may be on a higher or lower deck, and at the front, middle or back of the ship. Please remember if you are travelling with other people or as part of a group, we cannot guarantee that all of the bookings will receive upgrades or that you will be allocated rooms near each other.

If you are happy with the room you have booked and do not wish to receive a complimentary upgrade, please advise us or your travel agent as soon as possible, preferably at the time you make your booking.

Your room can also be changed for operational reasons, including when the number of people booked in the room is less than the number of beds, or if you have selected a wheelchair accessible room and do not require one.