Do I need a visa to visit New Caledonia (Noumea, Lifou)?

Many nationalities, including Australian and New Zealand passport holders do not require a visa for New Caledonia.

If you do not hold an Australian or New Zealand passport, you should confirm your visa requirements with the consulate or visa service.

If you do require a visa for New Caledonia, you will be issued with a Free Collective Visa on arrival which will be valid for your time in New Caledonia during the cruise only. However, should you need to permanently disembark the cruise in New Caledonia for any reason (such as due to an emergency), a visa will be required, so we do recommend you consider getting a visa prior to travel to cover you in case you do need to disembark early.

New Caledonia requires that all guests hold valid international travel insurance, and you will need to bring printed proof of your valid international travel insurance with you when you check-in at the cruise terminal. You may also be requested to present proof of your insurance during the cruise. If you intend on using insurance provided through your credit card, please ensure the insurance coverage has been activated and bring a copy of the policy with you. Alternatively, written confirmation of insurance from your bank will be required. Any guest who is unable to provide proof of valid international travel insurance will be denied boarding.