Are there ATMs onboard?

Yes, there are at least 2 ATMS onboard each P&O Ship. As the ATMs work through a secure internet connection, their operation can be subject to satellite availability, as well as the availability of funds in the machine. Our ATMs issue cash in AUD only. The ATMs are owned and operated by a company called EzeATM.

All cards accepted by the Australian banking system will be accepted by the ATMs onboard. Our ATMs allow a withdrawal of up to a **maximum** of $1,000 AUD per transaction, dependent on a guest's bank account limit. This is also our daily limit.

Transaction fees

There will be a fee to use the atms. This fee is charged by domestic banks. Card holders will be notified during the transaction of this fee and can opt out and cancel the transaction if they do not want to pay the fee. A note will appear on the screen to advise of the ATM operator fee that applies for all transactions at the ATM.

Feedback and complaints

There are occasions where the amount requested is not dispensed. If this happens, the guest will need to visit their bank with the ATM transaction receipt. Guests can also contact EzeATM for assistance.