What happens if my booking doesn't show in the P&O Cruises App?

You should be able to see your booking on the P&O Cruises App when logged in. Go to Account > My Account > Bookings. The booking is linked to your account via your details eg First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Guest Code. If this information on your booking doesn’t match with what we have on your P&O Account, then your booking won’t be found.

If your booking doesn’t show, you can scroll down to a button saying Missing a Booking? This will ask you for the Booking Reference and your date of birth so we can link your booking to your P&O Account.

If you do this and it doesn’t allow you to link the booking it may be because the Guest Code linked to your account is different to the one on your booking. You can see the Guest Code on the P&O App by going to Account > My Account > Profile. If this Guest Code is different to the one shown on your booking confirmation, please login to your P&O Account on the website and change your Guest Code to match the one on your booking confirmation.

Please contact us if you’re having issues seeing your Booking in the P&O Cruises App.