What deposit is required?

A deposit is required to completely secure a booking. If a deposit is not received by the due date indicated on your booking confirmation, the booking will be cancelled automatically.

Our standard deposit amounts are as follows:

Cruise nights Deposit required
4 nights or less $100
5 to 11 nights $250 per person
12 to 27 nights $400 per person
28 nights or more $600 per person

The deposit amounts listed above are for all standard fare types, including our Go fare where the deposit is non-refundable. Please note that our short sale fares & some other promotional fares will require immediate payment of the full cruise fare at the time of booking.

$1 Deposit promotions

During a $1 deposit promotion, the $1 deposit per person is non-refundable and deposit conditions differ from the standard P&O Booking and Travel Conditions. A second payment with the remainder of the standard adult deposit amount for all guests, including children will also be required to be paid. Check terms and conditions of the promotion for applicable due dates for the second deposit. Some cruise itineraries will be excluded from the $1 deposit promotion. Please refer to terms and conditions of promotion.