What is a Future Cruise Credit and what can it be used for?

A Future Cruise Credit is like a store voucher or gift card that can be used to pay for the cruise fare on a new or existing booking with us.

From 5 December 2021, we’re introducing new ways to use Future Cruise Credits issued as a result of P&O’s Operational Pause or issued under the P&O Assurance Policy. These Future Cruise Credits will have the following additional benefits:

* Use Future Cruise Credit to pay for other guests on the same booking * Change or vary the amount of Future Cruise Credit applied to a booking * Pay for any applicable cancellation fees using Future Cruise Credit * Pay for flexible* flights via CruiseAir using Future Cruise Credit * Payment must be made before your final payment is due

Any Future Cruise Credits issued under goodwill conditions will now be referred to as Future Cruise Discounts. These will continue to be able to be used to pay for the cruise fare of the guest the Future Cruise Discount has been issued to.

Please note, the above listed additional benefits being introduced for Future Cruise Credits, do not apply to Future Cruise Discounts.

Future cruise credits can not be used to purchase drink packages or onboard credit.