Curry House

Spice it up

Dig in to dishes inspired by the world’s most exotic places.

Open for lunch and dinner, the Curry House features a smorgasbord of classic curry flavours and authentic dishes. With eclectic and spicy tastes from around the globe, enjoy steaming pots full of deliciousness from India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and the Caribbean. Whether you’re enjoying one of your old favorites or trying something totally new, the range of dishes at the Curry House is sure to delight. All served with fresh homemade oriental breads, sweet and spicy chutneys, soothing raitas and yummy pickles. The Curry House is situated in The Pantry. With a relaxing café vibe you can enjoy a tandoori chicken for two at an intimate table or share different dishes with friends at the high tables and communal benches.

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