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Experience a South Pacific holiday of a lifetime with P&O. With 85 years of experience, and the largest number of cruises, P&O takes the stress and hidden costs out of a land holiday with fares that include accommodation, main meals, entertainment and specially curated and unique shore excursions. Start your holiday the moment you step onboard and let us take care of the rest, all you have to worry about is having the time of your life!

The Pacific truly is picture perfect. From Fiji to New Caledonia to Papua New Guinea, P&O Islands cruises take you to some of the most beautiful islands in the region. That’s not all – with P&O you’ll dive a little deeper than the crystal-clear waters. We’ll show you diverse wildlife fascinating culture and beautiful natural wonders.

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Why visit the islands with P&O?

  • We've been cruising to the South Pacific for 85 years. Some might say we know our stuff!
  • Most number of cruises sailing to the Islands giving you the greatest choice
  • Exclusive P&O destinations
  • Enjoy a carefree holiday experience with accommodation, main meals and entertainment included
  • Curated unique shore tours available so can experience the best parts of your destination

Islands Highlights

New Caledonia & Loyalty Islands

Experience two cultures in one tropical paradise with a delightful mix of French and Pacific Island vibes. Learn about Kanak life while eating a baguette on a pristine white-sand beach - sounds magnifique!

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Take your holiday up a notch in Vanuatu. Thrill-seekers and nature lovers will be in their element as they swim, snorkel, hike, kayak and truly explore this incredible and beautiful 83-island archipelago.

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Fiji, Samoa & Polynesia

Island-hop your way from Fiji to Polynesia and you’ll explore two incredible destinations in the South Pacific. From visiting local villages and watching traditional ceremonies to luxury pampering and exotic adventuring, there is more to see than you can imagine. Get onboard!

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Tonga & Southern Pacific

Say a welcoming malo e lelei to the Kingdom of Tonga. But don’t let the relaxed pace of life in this paradise fool you. Tonga and the Southern Pacific are an adventure wonderland that’s rich with history and intriguing culture.

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Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands

Colourful traditional festivals, untouched culture, incredible aquatic experiences and tropical destinations await when you cruise to this fascinating corner of the Pacific. With a perfect mix of culture, history and natural wonders, you’ve never seen anything like Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands before.

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