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Cruises to the South Pacific

If you're after a quick retreat to paradise, a P&O Islands cruise is right for you. Nothing says ‘tropical holiday’ like island hopping from one idyllic destination to the next, and when it comes to the Pacific Islands, we do it best!

There’s the Frenchy-chic vibe of Noumea, the ancient culture of Lifou and the Caribbean atmosphere in Vila. Oh, and the beaches...we’d never forget the beaches!

P&O Cruises has been cruising to the South Pacific for over 86 years - and we know it so well, we’re practically locals.

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Why you’ll love a P&O cruise in the South Pacific

There’s an amazing choice in P&O departures to the Pacific Islands from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland - and a cruise to match every taste and budget. From Brisbane take the Pacific Island Hopper cruise and visit 3 tropical paradises in just 7 days and an added bonus is that these cruises leave on a Saturday so you’re only using 5 days annual leave! From Sydney or Melbourne you can Discover Vanuatu with calls to 4 amazing and different islands.  Or if you want to dig a little deeper, take one of our P&O Voyages of 13+ nights and call at up to 6 idyllic islands with some scenic cruising as well.

For something totally different choose one of our Papua New Guinea cruises.  Ranging from 8 to 11 nights and departing from Brisbane and Sydney, you’ll visit one of the final frontiers of the South Pacific. There are sunken warships, beautiful cultural celebrations and abundant marine life to see close up. There’s an amazing range of shore tours to choose from at most destinations.  

Cruising vs Traditional Travel:


All-inclusive fare with loads of inclusions

Activities to suit everyone

No cramped seats or jet lag

One simple, single booking

Age specific kids clubs


Long queues in customs

Multiple travel & accommodation bookings

Stressful group bookings

Jet lag and travel hassles

No fixed costs, often more expensive

Visiting Ports

Take a P&O Islands cruise and explore our closest neighbours. The hardest thing is to decide exactly what you want to see and do!

New Caledonia & Loyalty Islands

Be spellbound by the melting pot of cultures in French-speaking New Caledonia. Four pristine isles make up the neighbouring Loyalty Islands. Both destinations feature crystal-blue vistas, bustling local villages and delicious cuisine from Melanesian to Parisienne.

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Norfolk Island

If you look up “stunning holiday destinations” in the dictionary, you should find a picture of Norfolk Island. Lofty pines, stunning cliffs, turquoise lagoons and emerald golfing greens make this island the epitome of paradise. Explore the island on horseback, taste freshly caught fish in golden beer batter, or take a trip on a glass bottom boat.

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Vanuatu is home to vibrant ecosystems that host some of the oldest living cultures on the planet. Make friends with turtles, fly down zip lines or enjoy views you’ve only ever dreamt about. Discover why Vanuatu is the adventure capital of the South Pacific.

More about Vanuatu

Fiji, Samoa & Polynesia

An exciting rush to the senses, this tropical wonderland full of colour, fun and tasty food. Step onto the luxurious shores of Fiji and feel welcomed instantly - it’s said to be one of the happiest places in the world!

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Solomon Islands

With warm blue water, graceful palm trees, white beaches, and bright coral, the Solomon Islands will have you feeling totally blissed out in no time at all. Immerse yourself in vibrant villages and local markets, dive deep into WWII wrecks, or wander through into the lush tropical jungle.

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In Tonga you’ll well and truly be living on island time. Snorkel in the sparkling ocean waters teeming with sea life and bright corals, swim next to giant humpbacks, explore caves, or immerse yourself in ancient culture and strong traditions.

More about Tonga

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the most exciting places to discover. Experience age old custom and tradition at the Alotau Cultural Festival, adopt a turtle at the Conflict Islands Turtle Nursery or learn about World War II history in Rabaul. Papua New Guinea is a true gem.

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