Advance Fishing-A unique fishing experience

Norfolk has an amazingly diverse and unspoilt marine environment with an abundance of fish. This charter is designed to go directly where the fish are! The custom built Noosa Cat is fitted with all the latest fish finding, catching, navigational equipment and mod cons. When arriving at the fishing destination, equipment is rigged and baited. All there is to do is reel in one of a local fish species which include trumpeter, trevally and kingfish. Refreshments are served before a comfortable and speedy return to port. The highly experienced crew are descendants of Fletcher Christian of the Bounty, with generations of marine experience and local knowledge and many a story to tell.
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  • Location

    Norfolk Island

  • Activity Types

    Special Interest

  • Experience Types

    Sport & Recreation

  • Duration

    1.5 hour

  • Fitness Level


  • Price

    Adult from $229.99
    Children (12 & under) from $229.99

  • Snack included!


Extraordinary lava rock formations, caves and blowholes are breathtaking up close. The cliffs are home to unique and rare bird‐life.


Light refreshments avauilable on tour.

Special Notes

To make your day as enjoyable as possible, please wear comfortable flat-soled shoes, clothing suited to the weather conditions, a hat and SPF30+ or higher factor sunscreen. Make sure to bring bottled water. Please note that all morning tours will depart from the wharf and return you into town. Likewise the afternoon tours will depart from town and return you to the wharf.

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Child: $39.99pp

Colleen McCullough, world renowned author of 24 books called Norfolk Island home for almost 36 years. Enjoy an exclusive guided tour to the author’s beloved property “Out Yenna“. You are escorted through her magnificent home and are able to view her priceless collection of artefacts gathered from around the world. This is a glimpse into the life of a modern day icon.

BOC's Boutique Farm Tour

NLK170 Wilderness & Wildlife

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On your journey to Farmer Lou's cliff top property you will drive past Norfolk Island's only coffee plantation and also nearby is a "tree that walk" a magnificent Banyan tree. There will be a personalised guided tour through Farmer Lou's market garden. Farmer Lou has the largest market garden on Norfolk Island. The ingenious farmer has set up a piggery to fertilise his market garden and also produces methane gas. You can if you wish get up close and personal with Farmer Lou's large white pigs. You will also see how Farmer Lou uses banana trees as windbreaks for his crops. Morning or afternoon tea will be served at Bedrock a magnificent Cliff top property looking directly at where Captain Cook landed when he discovered Norfolk Island in 1774. Both of the properties you visit are owned by Bounty Mutineer Descendants.

Convict Settlement Tour

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