Lifou Vanilla House

Your tour begins with a scenic drive through local villages. Keep an eye out high up on the cliff for Notre Dame de Lourdes, a historic chapel constructed in 1898 by Catholic missionaries with the iron statue of Our Lady of Lourdes standing tall on the chapel's roof. Drive through the settlements of Xepenehe and Kumo with traditional homes, bright flower gardens and palm trees. Arrive at the Vanilla Plantation for a guided tour of this working farm, which owner Felix Bolé launched in 1983 with cuttings from Lifou's first English missionaries. Learn how vanilla is harvested, how vanilla-infused products are made, sample vanilla-infused coffee, tea and cake. You can purchase some vanilla pods or products to take home as a delicious memento. As you explore the plantation keep an eye out for ferns resting on raised coral 'pillars' and vanilla vines draped over the branches of trees. You’ll also be able to spot some animals including coconut crabs, bats and pigs. New Caledonia is home to 22 endemic species of terrestrial birds so be on the lookout for the brightly coloured New Caledonian parakeet and the long-legged, bluish-grey kagu bird. Once the plantation tour is complete board the bus and journey back to your cruise ship. Special Notes: The bus is not air-conditioned or equipped with a PA system. Local escorts and students will act as guides and will do their best to speak English, but please keep in mind that the limited tourism infrastructure is part of Lifou's charm. Restroom facilities are rustic. To make your adventure as enjoyable as possible please wear comfortable flat-soled shoes, clothing suited to the weather conditions, bring a hat, plenty of sunscreen and bottled water.
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    2 hours

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    Adult from $75.99
    Children (12 & under) from $39.99

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Remember to briing some cash with you incase you wish to purchase any souvenirs at the end of the tour.


At the end of your visit, you will taste vanilla cake and the local fresh juices.

Special Notes

Please respect the local sensitivities and dress appropriately. That means no swimwear or revealing clothing. Please wear comfortable flat-soled shoes, clothing suited to the weather conditions, a hat, SPF30+ or higher factor sunscreen and bottled water. The non air-conditioned buses and vans are not fitted with microphones Restroom facilities may be rustic.

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