Waisali Rainforest And Reserve

Experience the beauty of Vanua Levu and the Waisali Rainforest Reserve -- the last unexploited rain forest on the island. This half-day, extremely active adventure begins at the pier with an island-style (basic) bus ride through the verdant Fijian landscape. Travel along Cross Island Road, which offers stunning views of the glistening coast and lush, rain forest-covered hills. The Waisali Rainforest Reserve, in the heart of the central highlands, is a 260-acre park. You'll take a guided nature hike through this mystical rain forest, home to exotic flora and endangered wildlife. As you trek through the diverse lush ferns and dense, sun-dappled forest, your knowledgeable guide will point out some highlights. Keep a keen eye out for the more than 30 species of delicate orchids found in the area. Scan the treetops for the rare orange dove, the red shining parrot, the collared lory and the orange-breasted myzomela that are among the 21 species of birds that can be found here. The reserve is also home to the endangered Fiji ground frog and the endemic Fiji tree frogs. Take a break to bask in the tranquil beauty of your surroundings as you enjoy refreshments that include soft drinks and fresh fruit prior to walking back to the bus.
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    Special Interest

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    Wilderness & Wildlife

  • Duration

    4 hours

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    Adult from $99.99
    Children (12 & under) from $89.99

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Take your camera to capture the stunning location and rare birds. Your guide will also point out historical sites and point of interest along the way.


Chilled bottled water and fresh tropical fruit will be served at the rainforest reserve.

Special Notes

Transportation is by non-air-conditioned island bus. Please realistically assess your physical fitness and ability prior to booking, as the walk is partly uphill, and over unpaved, rough walking tracks with many steps. Dress conservatively. Women's clothing should cover the shoulders and knees. Wear light clothing and sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots; trails can be muddy and slippery. Minimum age is 7 years.

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The rugged, unspoiled beauty of Savusavu charms visitors with its coconut plantations, volcanic scenery and lush rain forest. Journey into Fiji's past, starting with a 30-minute scenic drive along the edge of Savusavu Bay to Urata Village. Upon your arrival, native warriors will greet you and escort you through the village to the meetinghouse. Here, you will meet the village chief who welcomes you with a ritual ceremony. In this formal setting, you will request permission to visit the neighboring waterfalls and swimming holes. Set out on an easy, 30-minute nature walk through the plantations and along rain forest trails to sparkling Urata Falls. As you trek, your guide will stop to highlight the different crops that you will see, including taro, banana, papaya and the important kava. You will also learn about herbs used for medicinal purposes in these rural areas. Urata Waterfall soon comes into view, beckoning you with its cool pools of silky water that are believed to be therapeutic. Take a swim in this magnificent natural setting -- certainly a balm for the soul. A leisurely stroll back to the village is rewarded with fresh fruit and a colorful performance of song and dance. At the completion of your day, relax and enjoy picturesque views as you return to the port.

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The crystalline waters surrounding Savusavu Bay teem with rainbow-hued tropical fish, colorful corals and friendly sea turtles. A high-speed boat takes you to one of the island's best local dive sites, Lighthouse Reef, situated at the tip of the bay's entrance. This famed snorkel site is a well-protected refuge, home to numerous corals and a vibrant collection of fish and marine life. The reef has deep water on one side and shallow water on the other, offering a myriad of options for all snorkeling abilities. Gear up as your guide orients you to the area. Then, splash in and discover a thriving ecosystem populated by numerous plate corals, soft spaghetti corals and schools of darting fish. Bring an underwater camera to enhance your experience as you spy such interesting species as the black-and-white sergeant fish, bright clownfish, trumpet fish, orange and purple anthias, pale green damselfish, Maori wrasse and humphead wrasse. Giant clams, grouper and parrotfish are also commonly seen closer to the coral formations. If you're lucky, graceful sea turtles, frequently seen in these waters, will come out to say hello, and you might even spy a friendly white-tip reef shark cruising the waters deep below. Back on the boat, dry off and enjoy a bottle of Fiji water before heading back to the pier, admiring the dramatic volcanic landscape punctuated by swaying palms and white-sand beaches.

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Board an island bus for a scenic drive along Vanua Levu's breathtaking coastal road. View the swaying palms of copra plantations that produce copra, from which high-fat palm oil is made. You're off to experience traditional Fiji at Nukubalavu village -- one of Savusavu Island's oldest settlements and home to the high chief of Savusavu. Upon your arrival, greet the elders who will then escort you on a tour of their fascinating village. Meet some of the 300 residents of Nukubalavu. Watch a fascinating demonstration of traditional island arts and crafts, including mat and basket weaving, which are woven using pandanus and coconut palms softened and slit into ribbons. Enter the village hall for the time-honored Fijian kava ceremony. Observe as kava root is pounded, mixed with water and sipped from coconut shells. This important social ritual is used as a form of welcome as well as to reinforce traditional authority of chiefs, to seal alliances and to commemorate milestones such as births, deaths and marriages. Take time out from your exploration of this charming village to indulge in a refreshing drink of bu -- green coconut juice -- served during your visit.