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A must to experience Maori culture

Kaiti Beach is the site of Captain Cook’s first landing in New Zealand in 1769.

Nearby is picturesque Te Poho O Rawiri Marae. If you’re interested in Maori culture, Gisborne is a must. Old traditions are still evident in many parts of the city. Oral history records Titirangi (Kaiti) Hill as the point of arrival for the migratory waka (canoe), Horouta, which brought the first Maori to the area.

Plus if you love love food, wine and beaches, it's a great place to explore. Gisborne (aka Chardonnay capital of NZ) has a comprehensive wine trail leading to boutique wineries. 

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8355 km2


37,200 (Jun 2018 est)


English and te reo Maori

Type Of Government

Parliamentary Democracy


New Zealand Dollar

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