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If you’re interested in Maori culture, Gisborne, known as the City of Rivers, is a must. Oral history records Titirangi (Kaiti) Hill as the point of arrival for the migratory waka (canoe), Horouta, which brought the first Maori to this beautiful region of New Zealand.

But it’s not just Gisborne’s cultural significance that’s unique. If you love food, wine and beaches, Gisborne has a million things to see and do. A great place to explore and unwind, the town is a popular holiday destination for those seeking sun and sand. Gisborne - aka Chardonnay capital of NZ - also has a wonderful wine trail leading to boutique wineries, producing internationally acclaimed Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. The best way to explore Gisborne is on a P&O shore tour through New Zealand.

Leading Gisborne Wineries


Discover two of Gisborne’s best family-owned vineyards on Leading Gisborne Wineries, a half-day shore tour that delves into the local wine region.  Enjoy the scenery as you travel to Bushmere Estate, a family-owned winery for over 40 years. Tour the vineyard and the cellars as you learn about the family’s winemaking venture. Sip the fruit of the vine, sample delicious antipasto. Then, visit Matawhero Wines, Gisborne’s oldest boutique winery. Learn the winery’s history and the family’s commitment to sustainable winemaking, explore the grounds and sample their varietals while nibbling on cheeses.


Gisborne Craft Beer Brewery & Lunch Tour

A culinary adventure awaits on the Gisborne Craft Beer Brewery & Lunch tour! Since 1989 Sunshine Brewery has made batch brewed beer using the finest natural ingredients. Take a guided tour and enjoy a tasting in the Taproom. Visit Smash Palace, a crazy junkyard hotel, with a DC3 plane crashed right in the middle of its outdoor beer garden. A feast for the eyes and the stomach, this quirky watering hole serves drinks in a very unusual setting. Enjoy lunch at Peppers Restaurant, a sunny café overlooking picturesque Midway Beach and the landmark Young Nicks Head. The food is as wonderful as the views.

Gisborne City Cycling Tour

Explore Gisborne by bicycle on our Gisborne City Cycling tour; discover the town’s heritage, culture and captivating attractions as you cycle as a group along the historic waterfront. A knowledgeable guide will provide a safety briefing, your helmet and some fascinating local facts. The 6.5 mile (10K) tour takes in the central city. See a memorial to Captain James Cook on the foreshore, where he made his first landing on Kaiti Beach. On the river cycle trail, you will learn more about the three waterways that converge here, earning Gisborne the nickname City of Rivers. Enjoy views of the lively harbour as well as the main beaches, Midway and Waikanae, frequented by surfers who flock to ride the “gnarly” waves.

Tatapouri Reef Walk & Stingray Feeding

Stingrays (whai), eagle rays and other reef dwellers come out to say hello when you explore the fascinating reef at Tatapouri Bay on the Tatapouri Reef Walk & Stingray Feeding shore tour. Your naturalist guide will meet you at Dive Tatapouri.  Slip on waterproof waders and walk down to the water at low tide. Learn about the area’s rich marine life, which has been harvested by the local Maori for many years. You may see short-tail stingrays, eagle rays, octopus, conger eels, yellowtail kingfish and more. Your guide will attract the stingrays and eagle rays with food, for an up-close and personal encounter with these graceful creatures.

Calling at Gisborne

P&O cruises to New Zealand depart from either Sydney or Melbourne. To visit Gisborne, choose our Kiwi Adventure cruise departing from Sydney.

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