Leanes Trench

Immerse yourself in Australian military history with a visit to a replica WWI trench used by the 11th Battalion in Gallipoli. This absorbing half-day tour also takes you to the HMAS Sydney Memorial, honoring the WWII sailors lost during a skirmish along the Western Australian coast. In 1915, after brutal hand-to-hand combat, the 11th Battalion took a Turkish trench in Gallipoli. They named it Leane?s Trench, after the commander of the attack, Captain R.L. Leane. Today, using old war maps and accounts from diggers of the original trench, an accurate replica was dug near Geraldton, about 443 feet long and 6.5 feet deep. An interactive experience, you?ll find yourself surrounded by the noise of war, plus get a close look at the combat paraphernalia used during WWI trench warfare. After, you?ll make your way to the HMAS Sydney Memorial. This moving, beautifully designed memorial was built to honor the sailors who were lost off the Western Australian coast. All 645 aboard perished in November 1941 after fighting with the German vessel HSK Komoran. The memorial is a silver dome of 645 seagulls, one for each Australian sailor lost that day. The wall of remembrance features photos of the ship and names of the ship?s crew. To the north, a bronze statue depicts a woman desperately looking out to sea, waiting in vain for Sydney to return. And nearby towers the stele, the same size as the ship?s bow. Before heading back the ship, stop for a beer at a local RSL (Returned Services League) club.
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