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Nothing can prepare you for Exmouth’s unspoilt, and seemingly deserted beaches, its pristine deep blue ocean or its dramatic red ochre coastline.

Exmouth is located on a peninsula, 1,270 kilometres north of Perth. It is one of Australia’s newer and more remote towns, only founded in 1964 as a support town for the United States Naval Communications Centre. Although Exmouth has a resident population of 2,400, in the period from April to October each year the numbers swell to approximately 6,000 as tourists travel north to make the most of Exmouth’s tropical climate. It is also a popular recreational fishing area. Tourists come from afar to indulge in beach fishing as well as fishing for deep ocean species like red emperor, sailfish, snapper, mackerel and tuna.

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Go snorkelling

Exmouth offers fantastic snorkelling. One of Australia’s most important tracts of reef – the Ningaloo Reef is only 5 to 10 metres off shore in some places. Some 200 species of colourful coral and 500 different species of tropical fish have been recorded in the park, and are readily accessible to snorkellers.

Shop for souvenirs

The Exmouth Visitors Centre stocks plenty of local arts and crafts as well as t-shirts, DVD’s about the Ningaloo Reef, souvenirs, hats, jewellery and much more.

Visit Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park is famous for its spectacular limestone ranges, deep canyons and pristine beaches. The 50,581 hectare area it covers is home to abundant wildlife including a variety of birds, emus and red kangaroos. A lovely array of wildflowers including Sturt Desert Peas can be seen in late winter.

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Your ship will anchor in Exmouth harbour and you will be transferred ashore by tender boat.

Getting Around

Taxis are not available pier-side. Exmouth town centre is approximately six kilometres from the pier. Shuttle buses will be available to transfer you to a designated drop-off location in town.


There are many fine cafes and restaurants in Exmouth. One of the most popular is The Sailfish Bar and Restaurant, located at the historical naval base, 12 kilometres from where your ship will be docked.

Quarantine authorities do not generally allow food such as fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat products and sandwiches to be taken off the ship however commercially packaged confectionery, chips and bottled drinking water are allowed subject to inspection.


Ross Street Mall and the Exmouth Visitors Centre offer many varieties of souvenirs and local crafts.


Exmouth’s climate is characterised by a hot summer (November to April) and is temperate for the remainder of the year with a low rainfall. Much of the region’s rainfall results from cyclones, and the annual amount can fluctuate from year to year. With an average temperature of 25 degrees in summer, and 35 degrees in winter, Exmouth experiences summer “year round”.


Major credit cards and charge cards are widely accepted. Automatic teller machines can provide currency to foreign card holders.


Public telephones and internet access are available throughout the town. A telephone is also located at the pier. Mobile coverage is generally available.


To make your day ashore as enjoyable as possible, please wear comfortable flat soled shoes, lightweight clothing and a hat. You are also advised to bring sunscreen and bottled water.


There are a range of tours available for you to really get the most out of your time in Exmouth. Tours can be booked onboard at the shore tours desk and are subject to availability. Passengers are required to meet at a specific location for each shore tour departure. Please refer to your tour ticket for the correct time and place.


Coral is an extremely precious marine organism. In an effort to preserve its natural beauty and habitat please avoid touching it in all circumstances. During your time ashore we also ask that you dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully.

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