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Way more exciting than the name would imply

From its romantic pearling history to the cosmopolitan character of Chinatown, its incredibly clear waters, to its red sandstone cliffs and endless white sand beaches, the colours of Broome are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Broome is situated on the north-west coast of Western Australia on a narrow peninsula, surrounded by the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean and Roebuck Bay. It is a town where you can retire to the sound of waves crashing onshore. The town grew out of the discovery of the world’s largest pearl shell, attracting hundreds of people like a gold rush. The pearl industry slump mid last century was not enough to drive them away and they remain captivated by Broome's natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. The same spirit that attracted pioneers over a century ago still brings people today. With its own curious architecture - a mixture of old colonial mission houses, churches, pearling master huts and houses resembling a unique style born more than eighty years ago, you will fall in love with Broome.

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What To See

Learn about pearling

A visit to Pearl Luggers offers a fascinating insight into Broome’s pearling past. See rare archival film and try delicious pearl meat. Alternatively, learn about modern pearl farming at Willie’s Creek Pearl Farm. Enjoy presentations on oyster insemination and take a boat ride out onto the estuary.

Visit Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park and Animal Refuge

Home to crocodiles, colourful birds, kangaroos, euros, wallabies, snakes and lizards, plus a museum and a well-stocked shop.

Take a camel ride along Cable Beach

You can’t leave Broome without taking a relaxing camel ride along famous Cable Beach. No matter what time of day, you’ll enjoy magnificent views out over the Indian Ocean and along the beach.

Take a town tour

A tour around the town of Broome will give you a fascinating insight into Broome’s colourful past and cultural highlights as well as providing you with an overview of the town’s major attractions.

More About Broome


Your ship will dock at Broome Central Berth on Port Drive. From there, a shuttle service to and from Chinatown will be provided. Town buses will be available to take you to and from Cable Beach at regular intervals.


Taxis are not available pier-side.


Broome caters for all tastes and budgets. In the town centre you’ll find a range of take-aways and restaurants serving a variety of cuisines including superb Asian and Mediterranean dishes.

Quarantine authorities do not generally allow food such as fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat products and sandwiches to be taken off the ship however commercially packaged confectionery, chips and bottled drinking water are allowed subject to inspection.


Chinatown is Broome’s shopping hub. If you’re looking for Broome’s famous local gems, head to Dampier Terrace, where you’ll find pearl shops galore.


Daytime temperatures during the wet season are in the mid 30’s. April marks the beginning of the dry season. During this time temperatures are in the vicinity of mid 20’s to low 30’s.


Major credit cards and charge cards are widely accepted. Automatic teller machines can provide currency to foreign card holders.


Mobile coverage is generally available and there are public telephones located in town. Internet access is also available in town.


To make your day ashore as enjoyable as possible, please wear comfortable flat soled shoes, lightweight clothing and a hat. You are also advised to bring sunscreen and bottled water. SHORE TOURS

There are a range of tours available for you to really get the most out of your time in Broome. Tours can be booked onboard at the shore tours desk and are subject to availability. Passengers are required to meet at a specific location for each shore tour departure. Please refer to your tour ticket for the correct time and place.


Please dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully.

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