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Dili Timor Leste

Nestled at the foot of lush, green hills overlooking the Banda Sea, the capital of Timor L'este combines a small-town vibe with a unique Portuguese influence.

In the 13th century Chinese and Malay traders were drawn to Timor L'este by its abundance of sandalwood, honey and wax. The same natural riches brought Portuguese settlers three decades later. From 1942 to 1945, Timor L'este was occupied by the Japanese, before it returned to Portuguese rule. In 1975, Timor L'este proclaimed independence from Portugal - 10 days later Indonesian troops invaded. The Indonesian Occupation lasted until 1999, during which 200,000 Timorese lost their lives. In 1999, the Timorese voted for full independence. The Indonesian Military responded with force, destroying most of the country’s infrastructure. The United Nations was brought in to restore peace and on 20 May 2002, Timor L'este became Asia’s newest country.

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226,588 (2013)


There are 32 different local languages, with Tetum and Portuguese the official languages. Indonesian and English are also widely spoken.


Semi-presidential parliamentary representative democratic republic


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What To See

Cristo Rei de Dili (Christ the King of Dili)

Modelled on Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer, this 27-metre tall statue of Jesus was given to the East Timorese people as a present to mark the 20th anniversary of the country's integration with Indonesia. Walk up the steps to the top of the statue for a spectacular view of the ocean and Dili's harbour.

Resistance Museum

This museum commemorates the 24-year struggle against Indonesia, brought to life with photos and exhibits of the weapons and tools of communication the East Timorese used in their fight for independence. The museum occupies the location of what formerly was the Portuguese Court of Justice, which was destroyed in the violent events of 1999.

WW2 Dare War Memorial & Museum

The Australian 2/2nd Independent Company conducted guerrilla operations in Timor from 1942 and their success and survival depended on the support of the Timorese people. The memorial was built in acknowledgment of the bravery and friendship of the Timorese in helping the Company, and is a reminder of the strong, lasting links between the Australian military who served in Timor during World War II and Timor L'este's indigenous population.

More About Timor L'Este


Your ship will anchor offshore and a regular tender service will operate to the eastern end of Dili Port.


A hop-on-hop-off shuttle service to several Dili locations will depart from the car park opposite the port’s main entrance.


For safety reasons, P&O Cruises do not recommend using local taxis.


Dili enjoys a warm average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius almost year round. As a coastal city, Dili has a relatively high humidity average of 80%.


Thanks to Portuguese influences, you’re just as likely to find Portuguese tarts and feijoada in Timor as you are traditional rice and fish dishes like ikan sabuko- a Spanish mackerel in tamarind marinade with basil and capsicum and caril, a mild chicken curry with a roasted capsicum and coconut paste. Bean lovers must try the local, organic coffee, noted for the cocoa and vanilla character of its Arabica beans.

Quarantine authorities do not generally allow food such as fruit and vegetables, dairy and meat products and sandwiches to be taken off the ship however commercially packaged confectionery, chips and bottled drinking water are allowed, subject to inspection.


A big part of the nation's cultural heritage is tais, a traditional hand-woven fabric created by the women of East Timor. It's used for ceremonial adornment, home décor and clothing. There are a number of handicraft shops around Dili and a dedicated tais market in Mandarin. A monthly craft market is located at the Cove Backpackers & Marine Resort in Area Branca, where you'll find a range of items from over 40 local producers. You’ll also find plenty of shops and several large supermarkets in the city centre.


Major credit cards and charge cards are only accepted in some major hotels and international businesses. Craft markets, local shops and restaurants will only accept cash. ANZ ATMs can provide currency to foreign cardholders. Visa and MasterCard are accepted in many of the larger hotels and by tour and dive operators. There are also ATMs located at Hotel Dili, Timor Plaza, Nicolau Lobarto International Airport and Tiger Fuel.


Public telephones are not available in Dili. Wi-fi is available at Dili Beach Hotel, Esplanada, The Cove Backpackers & Marine Resort, Timor Plaza and Hotel Dili. Some international roaming services may not function here but it is possible to buy pre-paid sim cards as well as USB connections from Telco offices, shops and street vendors.


To make your day ashore as enjoyable as possible, please wear comfortable flat soled shoes, lightweight clothing and a hat. You are also advised to bring sunscreen and bottled water.


There are a range of Shore Tours available to really get the most out of your time at Dili. Shore Tours can be booked onboard at the Shore Tours desk and are subject to availability. Guests are required to meet at a specific location for each Shore Tour departure. Please refer to your Shore Tour ticket for the correct time and place.


Please dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully.

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