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Weekend Holiday Getaways

Looking for a relaxing and easy weekend holiday?

With our Short Break cruises that are between 2-4 nights long, all you have to do is place one simple booking, pack and arrive at the port. Then we will take care of the rest. 

A P&O Cruise is the perfect weekend holiday for everyone

A weekend holiday is closer and easier than you think. For a fresh adventure that is close to home and will give you the feeling of leaving Australia, then a P&O Short Break cruise may be just what the holiday doctor ordered. We will help keep the stress of booking a holiday to a minimum where you don’t have to project manage anyone. Simply make the booking and we will take care of the rest!

One booking will take the stress out of your weekend holiday.

Accommodation options for everyone!

Loads of inclusions in the price: No expensive surprises

Stress free travel

Unpack once and your holiday begins


Specialty Dining

Spectacular Shows

Comedy Club

Bars & Nightclubs


Adventure Park

Kids Clubs

Family Dining

Family Activities


Group Dining

Great Group Value

Group event packages

Group Facilities


More and More Aussies are cruising each year!

The Cruising industry continues to be the fastest growing tourism sector in Australia.
During the 17-18 cruise season almost 1.6 million passengers went through the Sydney cruise terminals alone.

Weekend Holiday Getaways over 2-4 nights:

Interested in other short holidays that are not confined to the weekend?

A P&O Short Break Cruise is the perfect getaway for when you don’t have time to get away. With the biggest range of short break cruises between 2-4 Nights, P&O Short Break cruises have something for everyone. 

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