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Looking for a last-minute cruise adventure? Need a holiday, and fast? If you're feeling spontaneous and want to grab a rare last-minute P&O cruise, then you've come to the right place. But be quick - our last minute cruises are too good to miss and too hot to last.

There's a cruise for everyone, find yours

Is it best to book a cruise last minute?

Last-minute cruises are great options for spontaneous holiday-takers and last-minute adventure seekers. While P&O cruises sell out fast and you may not have as many options for last-minute cruise destinations or room options, you never know when you’ll come across a last minute cruise deal that’s too good to be true. If you’re flexible with your travel dates and you’re not attached to a specific cruise destination or type of room, our last-minute cruise deals could be perfect for you.

Make the most of these last minute cruise deals

P&O last-minute cruises visit a range of stunning destinations and depart from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns and Auckland. Check out our best last-minute holiday deals below, from unique destination cruises to some of our special Main Event cruises.

With a Whitsunday cruise deal to Airlie Beach, you could snorkel, dive, swim, paddle or just laze on a breathtaking white sand beach. Or explore the world's largest sand islands on the stunning Moreton Island, one of mother nature's greatest wonders. Each Australian cruise destination will make you a tourist in your own backyard, allowing you to discover everything our beautiful country has to offer. With P&O Cruises, you'll visit natural beauty, bustling cities, quaint villages, vineyards and local shops.

Just remember, these last-minute cruises sell fast. To secure the room you want on your next holiday, it's best to plan and book ahead!

When is the best time to book a cruise?

The fear of missing out on the best cruise holidays is real. While there are some benefits to booking a cruise last minute, it might not be the best strategy for you. If your heart is set on a specific destination or you’re hoping to get the best room options for your cruise, our advice is: don’t wait! P&O cruises sell out fast. To make sure you have plenty of options, book your P&O cruise well in advance. Leave the last-minute cruise deals to the risk-takers and spontaneous adventure lovers, and secure your spot before they’re gone. Last minute cruise deal or not, our cruises offer incredible value for money year-round.


How late can you book a last minute cruise?

Our last minute cruises can be booked up to 4 days before the cruise departs, depending on availability. But if you’re hoping to nab a cruise to a specific destination, or hoping to get your choice of room, don’t leave it too long. Our cruises sell out fast, and you don’t want to miss out. Best to get in early if you find the best cruise holiday package for you to avoid disappointments!


Book the best cruise holiday deals today

Compared to the combined cost of a typical family trip on land, a cruise holiday with P&O is a super savvy option - even our full price cruises are incredible value. With all your main meals in designated restaurants, travel costs, entertainment, and most onboard activities included in the price, our cruises are one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to holiday. All you have to do is book your cruise, pack and you’re good to go.


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