Note: Charges/supplements apply for specialty dining, drinks, and select activities, entertainment, and meals.

Additional benefits on Carnival

From 29th of March, 2025, this itinerary and all other P&O itineraries will be operated by Carnival. Carnival operated cruises offer the P&O onboard product and experience with the additional benefits of Carnival:

  1. The Carnival Loyalty program
  2. The HUB app

Any other changes will be notified to you prior to your cruise.

Fly 'n' Cruise

Getting there should be half the adventure. With P&O Cruises you can take one-way cruises to enjoy your holiday that little bit longer.

A one-way P&O Cruise may not return to your homeport, but it's not problem! With P&O Fly 'n' Cruise, we organise your travel for you. With Fly 'n' Cruise we will book your cruise plus flights from your home, to the leaving homeport and/or back again. With P&O Fly 'n' Cruise all you have to do is pack your bag!

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