Julie McEwen, Entertainment Host

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be part of the Entertainment team onboard a P&O ship? Do you dream of being part of the team that help deliver the phenomenal live shows, Bianco & Gatsby parties games, music, trivia, guest stars and much more?

Julie McEwen, Entertainment Host Extraordinaire has that job.

Julie has been with P&O for 2 years. Her job is to help Cruiselings create amazing memories and make sure they are entertained - morning, noon and night. Your dream job right?

She earned her education stripes at Victoria University in Wellington and completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Theatre and Media Studies where she learnt important skills like collaboration, leadership and importantly how to perform and use a microphone!

Julie has so many cool stories to share. Teaching Hot Rhythms classes to many wonderful Cruiselings. Did we mention she loves a bit of a dance? Her favourite cruise - Australia Day! Always hectic, always surprising, always fun. The Crossing of the Equator Ceremony also memorable, as it turned into a hilarious messy food fight, with everyone ending up in the pool.

And where will you find Julie when cruising resumes?

'Reconnecting with Cruiselings! And entertaining EVERYONE at ALL the parties.'