Ben Frankitt - Executive Chef

Meet Ben Frankitt one of our very favourite Executive Chefs, currently leading the team on Pacific Explorer.

Ben has been honing his love of food for over 15 years and we are lucky that he has spent 10 of those years with P&O Cruises Australia.

Ben was promoted to Executive Chef in 2015. He cites hard work and an abundance of energy and enthusiasm for food as reasons behind his success.

Ben is responsible for most of the restaurants & food outlets onboard including Waterfront, Dragon Lady, Angelos, The Pantry and Charlie's Bar. Trying out new menu items, food delivery and distribution onboard, food service (breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in-between), plus managing a massive team of culinary staff makes for an extremely busy cooking bonanza. EVERY DAY!

Ben originally heralds from Manchester, England, but is so grateful for the experiences he gets to have with all of P&O's Australian & Kiwi guests. His P&O family and all the amazing Cruiselings he meets, make it a ‘home away from home’ and he would not have it any other way.

And what is he most looking forward to when P&O resumes cruising - 'The “BUZZ” of dinner service and serving 1000 guests in record time….COME ON!!!!!!!!’

We cannot wait as well….bring it on!

Fun fact: Ben’s favourite dish is a delicious Ocean Trout Poke bowl and lucky for you, we have included this recipe to try at home. Check out the recipe here.