Traditional Roast Turkey


  • Turkey, legs deboned and rolled, with herbs and seasoning in the inside
  • Turkey breasts on the bone
  • Fresh sage
  • Honey
  • Mire poix
  • Salt and Pepper

Roast breasts and legs separately, keep basting with sage, honey and cooking juices during the process. Ensure turkey being cooked but still juicy, do not overcook.

Stone fruit stuffing – Use white and sourdough bread croutons and panko breadcrumbs plus brunoise of carrots, leeks and onions to prepare a stuffing. Use turkey juices and chicken stock to keep moist. Add chopped dried stone fruit (apricots, peaches) as well as diced tinned peaches and their juice. Cook well, season to taste with salt, pepper and fresh herbs.

Brussel sprouts - Blanch and sauté in butter and diced bacon Roast potatoes - Coarsely cut skin-on utility potatoes, mix with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme and olive oil and roast on baking trays till well cooked and coloured

Chipolatas - Wrap chicken chipolatas in a slice of streaky bacon and grill to crisp brown colour.

Turkey sauce – Use the turkey bones and additional chicken wings to prepare a dark turkey demi-glace, appropriately reduced.


  1. Spoon roasted potatoes and sprouts onto main course plate.
  2. Add the stuffing; add two slices of turkey breast and two slices of turkey leg.
  3. Garnish with chipolata.
  4. Dress with gravy and cranberry sauce.
  5. Offer cranberry sauce and extra sauce on the side.
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