The hot holiday hack to DOUBLE your days off in 2020!

In need of some serious R&R but short on holiday leave to take? Never fear, we’ve done the detective work and discovered a calendar sweet spot where you can literally double your days off!

Two times the amount of holiday chill? Count us in!

Be smart and get your leave form in ASAP and beat the inevitable stampede to book for the best deals too… because we guarantee the office is going to be a ghost town.

So just when are the magic dates that will give you double the days away without bankrupting your leave balance? Circle the calendar from the 4th to the 19th of April 2020 and you can ask for just eight days off and enjoy a whopping 17 nights of freedom. You read that right… seven-teen! It’s the maximum bang for your buck you’ll get all year, so now’s the time to start checking out where you’d like to be and put that leave form in before word gets out.

Whether you’re dreaming of island-hopping through the South Pacific from French-chic Noumea to tropical Lifou and the beautiful beaches of Vanuatu or enjoying a hit at the Australia open tennis, there’s no better time to plan a break…

Getting away from the stress of work is becoming a worrying downtrend for Aussies with a 2019 survey showing one in six of us didn't take any leave at all last year. Japan and Italy are the only two countries with more workaholics than Australia!

One of the main reasons stopping most people taking that paid leave and setting off on a little adventure is concern over what a holiday will end up costing. checking out the many options - from family to groups or couples – of a cruise is usually a pleasant surprise for the budget-conscious. with options for inclusive deals and early-booking specials you can set sail from under $300 for a short break. 

One huge advantage is knowing exactly what you’re up for beforehand – and no nasty credit-card holiday hangovers on your return. you don’t lose out on exchange rates and it’s the perfect way to stay in control of how much you outlay to go away. it sure makes the entire experience all the more relaxing and that’s before you’ve even set sail with a poolside mojito.

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