Safety & Security

Our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure cruise holiday environment.

P&O Cruises is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment onboard our ships to enable everyone to enjoy a great cruise and to take home only wonderful holiday memories.

Our policies, procedures, staffing and security arrangements are designed to ensure our guests can be confident our top priority is ensuring their safety and security.

These arrangements include:

  • Strict policies on the Responsible Service of Alcohol along with colour-coded cruise cards with photo-ID to prevent under-age drinking and warnings that it is against the law for anyone – even a family member – to buy alcohol for a child
  • A ‘zero tolerance approach’ to any excessive behaviour that affects the enjoyment of other passengers with the likely disembarkation of offenders at the next available port
  • Hundreds of CCTV cameras strategically located in the public areas of all ships in the P&O Cruises’ fleet
  • Trained security personnel onboard and strict procedures including crime scene preservation in the event that this is required

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Explained

Crew members receive compulsory training in RSA policies and procedures with refresher training every two months along with training to recognise signs of intoxication in passengers.

No commissions are paid to staff on alcohol sales and crew members can face disciplinary action including dismissal for failing to prevent under age or intoxicated passengers from being served alcohol.

Passengers are also prohibited from bringing alcohol onboard. Any alcohol found is confiscated and not returned until the end of a cruise.

‘Zero Tolerance’ Approach to Excessive Behaviour Explained

Our security personnel undergo specialised training. They are alert at all times for anyone displaying inappropriate behaviour that can affect the enjoyment of other passengers.

Numerous CCTV cameras located in public areas operate on a rolling 24-hour basis as part of overall security monitoring onboard our ships.

Senior officers and security staff will deal firmly with alcohol-related issues or cases of excessive behaviour. Any passengers who offend in this regard can be disembarked from the ship to return home at their own cost.

The guiding principle is that everyone should be able to enjoy the magic of cruising while always being considerate of the comfort of others.

Prevention and Response Guide

Although it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to report an incident while you are onboard a P&O Cruises’ ship, it is still important to know what to do just in case.

Incidents or allegations of criminal activity should be reported directly to the onboard Security Department by dialling 000 or by contacting the Reception desk.

Any situations where medical assistance is required should be reported to the Medical Department by dialling 000 or by contacting the Reception desk.

P&O Cruises has agreed Protocols with law enforcement agencies in Australia and the Pacific Islands for the reporting of crimes and serious incidents at sea.

When special CARE is needed

We have specially trained CARE teams onboard and onshore to assist passengers and their families in the event of a traumatic incident or experience.

A streamlined process is also in place to deal with customer complaints including guidelines for response times and handling.

A toll free number is advertised in cruise literature for passengers wishing to contact Customer Relations and our landside emergency number is answered 24 hours a day.

Ebola Virus Safety Policy

At P&O Cruises the safety and health of our guests and crew is our top priority, and we understand that media coverage of the Ebola virus and related cases has raised concerns among some travelers.

In order to safeguard our guests and crew, screen for any guests or crew who have recently visited or traveled through Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea within 21 days of the cruise departure date. We also screen for any guests who have had physical contact with or helped care for a person suspected of having Ebola or diagnosed as having Ebola within a minimum of 21 days before embarkation. Additionally, we are monitor bookings for any guests coming from these countries.

To assist in these efforts, we require all embarking guests, crew members and ship visitors to complete a mandatory health screening questionnaire upon embarkation. If deemed necessary, some guests may also be asked to submit to further medical screening prior to being allowed to board. Please be aware, based on our assessment, you may be denied boarding. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please be assured that P&O Cruises does not have any ships calling in any countries for which the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued Level 3 Travel Heath Notices, and none of our crew members are from these areas. We have robust medical protocols that are consistent with public health recommendations. Our medical staff is fully engaged and monitoring the situation closely, along with our colleagues in the rest of the travel industry. The cruise industry is in close, frequent contact with the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) for updates and guidance.

Guests seeking more information on Ebola can visit the World Health Organization’s website at ; or the CDC website at

We thank you for cooperating with this very important screening process.