Guest Code of Conduct

Our Guest Code of Conduct calls for reasonable standards of behaviour to help everyone have an enjoyable, safe and secure cruise holiday.

The Code applies to all aspects of your cruise holiday including transfers to and from the ship, time spent within cruise terminals and visits to cruise destinations.

Although the Code doesn’t explicitly cover every possible situation, it is a strong general statement on the standards of behaviour that are expected while on a P&O Cruises vessel.

  1. Do not use offensive or abusive language during your cruise.
  2. Keep noise levels appropriate to the time and location.
  3. Behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Do not engage in abusive behaviour such as uninvited physical contact, harassment, theft or violence.
  4. Treat other guests with respect, obey the ship’s rules and follow the direction of crew members.
  5. Treat our crew members with respect and remember that the ship is their workplace and also their home while at sea.
  6. Do not photograph or video other guests or crew members without their consent.
  7. Do not engage in unsafe behavior of any kind particularly sitting, climbing or standing on any interior or exterior barriers or railings.
  8. Do not enter crew areas. Guest entry into restricted or crew areas is not permitted.
  9. Do not engage in inappropriate public behavior particularly any action that would be unacceptable in a public place.
  10. Be responsible in relation to alcohol use. P&O Cruises has a very strict RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) policy which we strictly enforce.
  11. Do not supply alcohol to a minor even if the child is a member of your own family or to a guest who you believe may be intoxicated. It is illegal to do so and it is also against ship policy. The legal drinking age on board is 18.

Failure to adhere to the Guest Code of Conduct can have serious consequences. The Captain has the authority to take strong action under the Passage Conditions.

This can include the removal of certain on-board privileges such as access to alcohol. Where considered necessary it can also involve confinement, disembarkation or other actions such as reporting to appropriate government and law enforcement authorities. Any costs involved in repatriation will be the responsibility of the guest.

Everyone shares a responsibility for safety and security on board. It is vital to report any unsafe or potentially illegal behavior immediately to Security or the ship’s Management.

P&O Cruises thanks you for your support of the Guest Code of Conduct and by following its requirements we are confident you and your fellow guests will enjoy your holiday at sea.