Start saving now for your next cruise holiday

Planning a holiday in advance can be tricky. When should you start planning your next holiday, or much should you save for a holiday per month, where can you cut costs in your daily life to treat yourself to your dream holiday?

Cutting down on a few daily expenses here and there means you’ll be financially prepared when it’s time to book your next holiday. And it all starts with a cup of coffee a week - no, really. To help you save for your next cruise with P&O, we broke down approximately how many cups of coffee you’d need to save on to book our most popular cruises.

How to save for a cruise?

If you still don’t believe us, let’s show you our working-out. If the average cup of barista-made coffee in Australia is between $4 and $5, and most Aussies drink at least one per day during the working week, that’s $20 a week that you can save for your holiday. And if we assume a standard deposit of $150/pp for 1-4 night cruises, $250/pp for 5-11 night cruises and $400/pp for cruises of 12 nights or longer. It looks a bit like this:

  • $150/pp for 1-4 night cruises divided by $20 = 7.5 weeks
  • $250/pp for 5-11 night cruises divided by $20 = 12.5 weeks
  • $400/pp for cruises of 12 nights or longer divided by $20 = 20 weeks

We’ve also factored in paying the total amount of your cruise 75 days before departure. All prices are per person in a quad-share room.

How much to save for a cruise?

We’ve calculated approximately how much you’ll need to save per week to book a cruise. And the best part is it’s well within your grasp. Affordable and packed with value, a P&O cruise is one you’ll fondly remember for the rest of your life. But how much will it actually cost?

You won’t believe it, but saving for a holiday with P&O can cost you as little as a cup of coffee per week. Just a few dollars a week, and just like that, your cruise holiday is already attainable, which means planning can start ASAP.

While we’ve calculated how much you’ll need to save based on pricing at the time of booking, you can potentially find a great cruise deal by booking early. With the best choice in room categories and location on the ship, it pays to get in sooner rather than later

Don’t forget to check out the P&O Cruises EZPay option to make regular monthly payments from booking to departure. It really could not get any easier.

Cruise the Whitsundays from Brisbane

Nights: 4

Set out from Brisbane toward the crystal clear waters of Airlie Beach on a Whitsundays Cruise. You’ll marvel at this pristine 74-island archipelago, bounded by the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. Spend the day on Airlie Beach snorkelling, kayaking, or just lounging in the white sands.

Two-person interior room: FROM $549 per person (approximately).

Approximately 140 coffees.

Comedy Cruise from Sydney

Nights: 3

Enjoy a short break at sea with some of Australia’s best comedians on a Comedy Cruise from Sydney. But if you’re in another state, we’ve got comedy cruises departing Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle and Auckland too. Not only will you be treated to the Comedy Cruise Gala, but you’ll also get to practice your own standup chops with the Comedy Workshop.

Then if you think you’ve got what it takes, make your debut at the Comedy Gong Show, where celebrity comedians will rate your performance. Who knows? You could go from audience member to future celebrity performer!

Two-person interior room: FROM $324 per person (approximately).

Approximately 85 coffees.

Taste of Tasmania from Sydney

Nights: 8

For a longer getaway, hop aboard the Taste of Tasmania Cruise, where you’ll experience the sights and flavours of one of Australia’s unspoilt gems. Breathe in the cleanest air in the world as you sample culinary delights, with stops in Hobart and Port Arthur. Then, explore Kangaroo Island’s incredible flora and fauna, setting aside time to try the delicious local produce.

Two-person interior room: FROM $674 per person (approximately).

Approximately 170 coffees.

Kangaroo Island from Melbourne

Nights: 4

Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s most stunning natural wonders. Just 15km from the mainland, it feels a world away, allowing you to walk amongst endangered Australian sea lions, watch bounding kangaroos and even spy platypuses at play. In addition to its natural beauty, Kangaroo Island is a foodie’s paradise, with fresh local produce, including local seafood and honey, and the freshest sheep’s milk cheese.

Two-person interior room: FROM $574 per person (approximately).

Approximately 145 coffees.

Pacific Island Hopper from Brisbane

Nights: 7

Perhaps you’re after the ultimate cruising adventure. After all, you’ve got ample time, so why not save for a cruise? Why not make it the most fantastic trip you’ve ever taken?

If you’re looking for a lengthy break in 2023 and are willing to sacrifice some takeaways and coffees, the Pacific Island Hopper is within your reach.

This incredible experience will take you on a tropical tour across idyllic South Pacific islands, hopping from Noumea to Mystery Island, Port Vila and Santo to Lifou.

Two-person interior room: FROM $769 per person (approximately). 

Approximately 200 coffees.

Photo courtesy of Mary D Enterprises

Save now for your cruise holiday

An epic holiday is no longer a pipe dream with P&O Cruises at the helm. For the price of a cup of coffee per week, you can start saving now to make your 2023 holiday truly unforgettable. Kickstart your holiday savings today, plan ahead, and book a cruise with P&O.

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