5 Reasons to Plan Your 2024 Holiday Now

It might seem early to start mapping out your 2024 holiday, but the earlier you start planning, the more epic that holiday can be. And after a long break in travel, we know you just can’t wait to plan your future adventures. We’ve put together 5 reasons you should start preparing for your 2024 trip right now.

1. Make the most of that annual leave

When it comes to annual leave, at most workplaces it’s first in, best dressed. Planning your 2024 holiday now gives you plenty of time to make sure you get your preferred dates off from work. Plus, if you plan correctly, you can maximise your days on holiday while minimising the annual leave you have to take.

We’ll share a little hack with you: if you get that leave request in now, you could take a 2-week cruise over Easter 2024 while using only eight days of your annual leave. That’s next-level leave planning, but to make sure you hack your annual leave like a pro, you’ve got to get planning now.

2. Get flexibility with your travel arrangements

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that our best-laid plans can change unexpectedly. But the further you plan in advance, the more time you have to adjust. That’s why planning now for 2024 is a wise move.

With P&O Cruises’ Value and Value Plus fare structures, you have added flexibility to tackle any changes to your cruise plans. You can change the name on a booking for free, and even get a full refund up to 6 months prior to departure. And, when booking on the Value Plus fare, you'll also receive Premium Drinks Packages and Premium WI-FI Packages for the first two guests in your room.

3. Pay for it over time

It can be difficult to discipline ourselves to set aside money for a holiday. Day-to-day spending on items we don’t really need can scuttle our best intentions, especially when our holiday plans aren’t set. Taking your 2024 holiday out of the abstract and planning it out in advance gives you a concrete goal to work towards and an easy way to pay for it.

P&O’s flexible payment options with EZPay mean you can put down a minimum deposit, and then pay for your holiday as you go. Our tip is to figure out how much you’ll need per week, and then make payments on your cruise on a regular basis. So long as you've paid the full balance 90 days prior to departure (for cruises up to 27 nights) and 180 days prior to departure (for cruises longer than 27 nights), you can put your money towards your 2024 holiday over time rather than trying to save up a lump sum.

4. Give yourself something amazing to look forward to

Let’s face it: It’s been a long time since we’ve had future plans to look forward to. The last few years have derailed much of what we’d mapped out for ourselves. But the good news is that it finally looks like smooth sailing on the horizon, and we can start to get excited about the future again.

There’s a lot to be said for having a holiday to look forward to. It gives us a goal to work towards, a future to feel hopeful about and a well-needed rest pencilled into our busy calendars. 2024 will be here before we know it. Planning out your holiday now means you can look towards the year with optimism and enthusiasm.


5. Get first dibs on the best 2024 cruises

One of the best reasons to start planning your 2024 holiday right now is that you get a greater choice of 2024 cruise destinations, and get to book the best 2024 cruises before they sell out.

What will you do onboard your dream 2024 cruise? You could relax at The Oasis, take part in one of our activities (there are over 60 activities to choose from daily!), treat yourself to some retail therapy at one of our tax- and duty-free boutiques, or pamper yourself at our Spa.

Everything is possible aboard a P&O cruise. But you’ll need to act soon to take advantage of our 2024 holiday deals! 2024 is closer than it seems. A little planning now will make your future holiday that much more memorable.


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