From Comedy to Country: A guide to themed cruises

To help you find the perfect themed cruise for you, no matter what your interest, budget or calendar, here’s a guide to the best themed P&O cruises - plus some extra tips for getting the most out of your mini holiday.

1. Comedy Cruises will have you crying (in a good way)

While a regular P&O cruise will have you smiling in seconds, our famous 3-4 night Comedy Cruises will have you rolling on the deck with laughter. Enjoy headline shows every night from Australia and New Zealand's favourite comedians, plus comedy workshops and interactive performances aplenty. This is the perfect short getaway to transform your mood, lift your spirits, and give you the happy buzz that only comes from a great big belly laugh.

2. Country music is king, ya’ll

There’s no doubt about it, country music fever is hitting the high seas! Our new country music themed cruises offer an incredible range of toe-tappin acts, events, and experiences - sure to delight country music fans of all ages and backgrounds. To get ready for your Country Music Cruise, pack your favourite cowboy hat and boots, and brush up on your yee-haws - there’ll be plenty of onboard activities to entertain you, from sing alongs to line dancing.

3. Rock out to the 80s

Ah, the 80s. What a time to be Livin’ On a Prayer. If you’re someone whose go-to karaoke songs include Queen, Bon Jovi, Whitney or Madonna, then our 80s themed cruises will make all your Sweet Dreams come true at once. 

P&O has rolled out a series of dedicated 1980s three-night cruises to celebrate the best of the MTV-generation’s music from pop, hip-hop, metal and rock. Rock out to performances from authentic 1980s bands, dance the night away to incredible tribute acts, and enjoy all the glitz and glamour from the decade when more was well, more! 


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4. Themed cruises are the perfect short break

Themed cruises aren’t your cup of tea? Try our Short Break Cruises instead! Leave your worries on land as you enjoy the benefits of a full-sized holiday in just three days, without the hassle of additional bookings or transportation. There’s no theme involved - just a short and sweet escape, perfect for helping you relax and recharge. If your ideal mini-break includes fun, food, entertainment and relaxation - all in one place - then our Classic Short Break is the cruise for you. 


Celebrate your passions with P&O

The great thing about themed cruises is that there’s something for everyone - and when you find your perfect match, you’ll feel like the whole cruise has been designed just for you.


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