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P&O Pacific Partnership

The P&O Pacific Partnership is our way of giving back to the Pacific Island communities who already give so much to us. For the 80 years we’ve been visiting these destinations, we’ve been doing all that we can to help the locals prosper – from building amenities, creating jobs, environmental protection and donating goods, but this year we make our contribution a more formal one...and we’re getting you all involved too.

Save the Children Australia 

This year, we have paired with the Save the Children and are working towards providing our Pacific Island friends with all the basic care which we take for granted.

You will now notice a $1 donation on your onboard account when you cruise with us. (Adults 18+ accounts only and you do have the option of having it removed onboard.) There is also the opportunity to donate further onboard or you can even grab a Born to Knit Kit and knit a square for a blanket to be donated to the new mothers on the islands.

Watch the video below and see what your help is going towards. 

We’d also like to give you a big thank you for your donations.


P&O Pacific Partnership

P&O Pacific Partnership

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We're giving back to the communities that already give so much to us. We've paired up with Save the Children to create P&O Pacific Partnership and we're working towards offering these island nations a brighter future. After all, they brighten our days each time we visit.

Lifeline Australia 

Launched in 1963 as a 24-hour telephone counselling service and now operating from 60 locations Australia-wide, Lifeline connects people in need with mental health support in addition to delivering a range of national services.

Lifeline receives more than one million contacts each year from people seeking care via telephone, Internet or face-to-face.

It overcomes time and distance to provide support day or night. P&O Cruises provides Lifeline with surplus items from our ships and offices including blankets, appliances and computers in a partnership that will develop over time.

To learn more about Lifeline Australia

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Nautical Glossary

Above board
On or above the deck, in plain view, not hiding anything.
Above-water hull
The hull section of a vessel above waterline, the visible part of a ship. Also, topsides.
Beam ends
The sides of a ship. "On her beam ends" may mean the vessel is literally on her side and possibly about to capsize; more often, the phrase means the vessel is listing 45 degrees or more.
Bear down
Turn away from the wind, often with reference to a transit.
Fastened or held firmly (fast aground: stuck on the seabed; made fast: tied securely).
The right hand side of the ship when looking forward
The watches from four to six and six to eight in the evening.
The large plank that runs along the upper part of a ship's side.
Water line
The line made by the water's edge when a ship has her full proportion of stores on board.
Fresh away
When your ship increases its velocity.

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